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The Eikon Charity

The Eikon Charity supports children and young people in Surrey to overcome difficulties, become resilient and develop into confident adults who contribute positively to their communities. Wherever a young person is on that journey and whether they’re feeling good about life or are really struggling, we’re there for them. We believe in their potential.


Registered charity no. 1109190

Member since August 2020

About us

Eikon invests in young people and gives them the skills to respond positively to life’s challenges. We believe in prevention, and where that’s not been possible, in helping early on, before a concern becomes a crisis.

We work with young people directly in schools and communities across Surrey and beyond, one-to-one, in groups and clubs – and with and through partners, supporting them to deliver services that improve young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing and mental health. We work in partnership with schools, communities, health & social care and other organisations, because we believe that working together works.

We recognise that the environments, systems and people surrounding young people play a huge role in achieving the best outcomes for them. So, we work collaboratively with others to understand and shape those influences on their lives and the services that we and they provide. We help other organisations in their work by providing resources and working alongside them to develop whole system and whole school approaches to wellbeing.