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The Dash Charity

We are a local Charity supporting people in East Berks & South Bucks. We support women, children & men suffering abuse from partners (and ex partners) or family members. We help people protect their rights, improve their safety, and gain a feeling of empowerment. We provide workshops in schools, training and support groups to break the cycle of abuse.


Registered charity no. 1127126

Member since July 2018

Latest News

We have our first business partner!

We have our first business partner!

We are happy to announce our first Charity Business partner - the amazing Wendy Woo from My Mood Stars! Wendy was first introduced to Dash when we began using her Mood Stars to help the children struggling with their emotions as a result of experiencing domestic abuse. Wendy has a small business but has found a way to give back by donating to Dash. Many thanks Wendy!