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The Brompton Fountain

We are raising urgent 'Crisis Care' funds to provide additional support, resources and medical equipment for patients, relatives, and staff at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.


Registered charity no. 1110339

Member since April 2020

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Buddy Boxes - Care packages for isolated patients and families

Buddy Boxes - Care packages for isolated patients and families

Many of the patients from our hospitals are considered high risk and have been told to follow extreme measures of isolation or shielding.

Our charity set up a project with our colleagues in the Play Team to send out special 'Brompton Buddy' Isolation boxes to children and young people of all ages, along with their siblings and parents. They contain a mixture of arts and craft activities, games, toys, mindfulness/wellbeing books and high energy snacks. The aim is to not only provide a useful, practical source of inspiration and fun but to let these families know that we care, and to provide emotional support.

Almost 200 boxes have already been made and the feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive.

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