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Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Thames Valley Air Ambulance is at the forefront of saving lives. Our team gives a patient the best chance when the worst happens.


Registered charity no. 1084910

Member since May 2018

About us

Every day, somebody in our community could be in urgent need of our service. Within minutes, we bring the expertise, equipment and treatment of the hospital to patient. Supporters play a vital role in our team. Without them, our crew could not deliver advanced medical care to people in an emergency.

Support allows us to deliver advanced care to people in a medical emergency night and day, 365 days a year. Our pilots, paramedics and doctors work together at the frontline of saving lives. Our crew are highly trained and ready for any eventuality. Our doctor and paramedic teams are able to perform advanced medical procedures at the scene of an incident.

We deliver treatment that would normally only be available in a hospital by taking advanced medical care and expertise to a patient, saving time when minutes matter. This means that a patient is diagnosed, treated and given hospital-level care more quickly, increasing the chance of survival.