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Smile For ME

We are a charity for ME sufferers and carers. Our main aim is to make you smile and to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. We know just how lonely and isolating ME can be so we try our best to alleviate the negative effects by sending personalised presents which we call ‘Smiles’ to brighten the days of those affected.


Registered charity no. 1185760

Member since July 2020

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Smile For ME

Smile For ME

To date we have sent 930 Smiles to both ME sufferers and their carers of all ages and your support will help us continue to increase that number. A personalised present which we call ‘Smiles’ gives those people going through a difficult time reason to smile and remind them they are not alone and someone cares.

Anyone can nominate an ME sufferer or carer through our nomination form found on our website. The accepted nominations then receive a Smile which is individually chosen and personalised with each recipient’s interests and likes in mind before being lovingly wrapped in our signature blue kraft paper, decorated with twine and a stamp of our logo.

Thank you for checking out Smile For ME. If you have any questions or want to know more please get in touch or on social media @SmileForME. Your support means more than words can say as it enables us to continue to make a difference to those who need a smile the most. Thank you.

Love, Smile For ME