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Right To Play

Right To Play is a global organization that protects, educates and empowers 2.3 million vulnerable children each year using the power of sport and play.


Registered charity no. 1112404

Member since November 2020

About us

Right To Play is transforming the lives of more than 2.3 million children across Latin American, Africa and Asia each year by harnessing play, one of the most fundamental forces in a child’s life.

We work in some of the most disadvantaged communities where children are challenged by poverty, war, disease and poor education. Challenges that rob them of their dignity, their promise, their basic human rights and put them at risk. This is unacceptable and it’s getting worse. More and more children are falling deeper into crisis and missing out on their right to be children, threatening their opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Play is powerful and empowering and it can save lives. Right To Play's work reaches children in 5 core ways:

  1. Quality Education: Play builds brighter futures by igniting a lifelong love of learning, rightfully enabling children to break the cycles of poverty, rise up from adversity and fulfil their potential.

  2. Gender Equality: Play helps protect and empower girls, enabling them to use their voice to claim their right to equality, education, dignity and safety against harm.

  3. Health and well-being: Play saves lives by providing psychosocial support and teaching children and their communities facts that will improve health and save lives.

  4. Child Protection: Play helps children to prevent and respond to violence, discrimination and exploitation so they can feel safe and protected.

  5. Peaceful Communities: Play helps children recover by teaching tolerance, inclusion and collaboration to support healing amongst children and young people who have experienced extreme conflict, violence and displacement.