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Raise Your Hands

Raise Your Hands invests in exceptional small charities. In particular small charities working with young people.

www.raiseyourhands.org.uk Fundraise for us

Registered charity no. 1174956

Member since April 2018

About us

In the corporate world, great ideas are rewarded. Funds quickly flow to the most effective companies.

In the charity sector that isn’t always the case. The big names with big budgets receive the lion’s share of income, irrespective of their effectiveness.

At Raise Your Hands we find and select small charities with proven impact.


Small, well-run charities transform lives every day. They do work that has measurable impact, yet they struggle to compete for funding.

The largest 1.2% of charities in the UK receive 72% of the income. This isn’t just about redressing that imbalance. We believe that small charities, at their best, outperform their bigger rivals.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable source of funding for exceptional small charities.

Our focus is small charities working with young people.


Small charities are specialists, working in a particular field like HIV or suicide prevention. Specialism means expertise. And because they’re small they can be agile, innovative and responsive to needs, without the bureaucracy and politics of larger organisations.

Small charities often work locally, so they understand the specific challenges faced. They’re better positioned to build relationships in the community, and help those hardest to reach.

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t do work with real impact.


Raise Your Hands provides two groups with something they’ve never had before:

For small charities who have proven impact and robust leadership…

We unlock income that would normally be out of reach. We provide them with unrestricted funding so they can build capacity and focus on what they do best – improving the lives of disadvantaged children.

For companies and people who want confidence that funds will be well spent and are looking for something different…

We introduce a portfolio of organisations they wouldn’t find otherwise. We offer cutting-edge experiences, such as our flagship overnight puzzle solving challenge, Midnight Madness, or our bulletin on the world of tech and social good, Dot Impact.

We do all of this, because we want to see disadvantaged children in the UK rise and fulfil their potential.