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Power of Parenting (POP)

Only 6% of foster children go on to University, compared with a national average of nearly 50%. Power of Parenting Children’s Charity (POP) aims to provide financial and moral support to fostered and adopted children, helping them fulfil their academic and sporting ambitions, giving them greater opportunity to achieve their own personal goals later in life. POP also aims to promote the benefits of fostering to the public at large.

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Registered charity no. 1167772

Member since September 2020

Latest News

BREAKING NEWS - POP supported Astrophysics student starts at University of London

BREAKING NEWS - POP supported Astrophysics student starts at University of London

So, this month our Astrophysics student starts at Royal Holloway College, University of London, focussed on a Astrophysics path with high ambitions. He would like to go on to do a PhD once he's completed his first degree and ultimately his ideal job would be working in research at CERN involved in projects like the Hadron Collider, maybe.

Clearly a few years to go before he's applying for jobs there, but here at POP, we are delighted to have been able to help in just a small way and ensure he gets the opportunity to work towards those lofty ambitions.

Just a quick re-cap for those who didn't read the original story:

After a rocky start to adult life, this young man has worked hard to go back to college and achieve access to university through a foundation course quite independently. He’d managed to secure accommodation, a place on the course, but couldn’t quite make ends meet. So, POP stepped in and has been buying his groceries for him every week for the last academic year. We are thrilled to see him set off on the next leg of his journey towards his ultimate ambition.

We are keeping in close contact, initially funding all his commuting to university and being there in the background, just like a parent, should unexpected expenses crop up that he just can't cover. Hopefully it's the beginning of great things and we are following his progress with great excitement.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all POP supporters out there, this is what your donations are achieving. Without you, we would not be able to help this young man. Without you, we would not be able to continue changing young lives, one-by-one.

Genuine 5 Star Reviews for POP's Maths and English Tuition Programme 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genuine 5 Star Reviews for POP's Maths and English Tuition Programme  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Foster children have been especially disadvantaged during the pandemic, often havinga less than ideal environment in which to home learn.  To address that, POP has been running a specialisedMaths and Englishtuition programme for foster children since July 2020.  Very sadly we have seen differences of up to 4 years between some children's chronologicalage and their academic age.    We now have 15 children registered and agreement from the local council that they will take over the funding  assuming engagement and progress after POP's initial 6 months sponsorship for each child. 

The first students are coming to the end of their 6 months and we are delighted to say we are seeing rave reviews from their foster parents:

"School meeting recently was brilliant - school has seen a big change in his confidence."

"…seen a difference in attitude to learning - much more willing to learn and spends time revising for tests!"

In some cases even six months of a personalised tuition plan has seen an improvement of up to 3 years catch up.  Even serial school refusers are engaging.   Amazing. We are thrilled.

Please donate to help us continue to make such an important difference to these children's lives.   THANK YOU.

A big Thank You from a proud Graduate

A big Thank You from a proud Graduate

POP Charity

The contribution which the POP charity made towards my accommodation costs was really helpful, this was because I was then able to focus completely on me completing the remainder of all my coursework and being able to achieve the coursework to the best of my ability and therefore achieve my full Honours Degree in Agricultural Farm Management. So therefore having the financial help was so helpful, and I was able to concentrate and not have to focus on sorting out the finances myself while going through a tough time  having to complete all university work to a tight deadline. I would just like to thank you all so much for that opportunity.

Mark Wheeler