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Pebbles Project UK Limited

Pebbles Project supports children aged 0 – 18 and their families in the farming communities in of the Western Cape- South Africa. Based in Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Hemel-en-Aarde valley in Hermanus and Citrusdal; the majority of the beneficiaries are children of wine farm workers who live on the various farms in often challenging circumstances.


Registered charity no. 1123172

Member since August 2019

About us

Pebbles Project has 5 main pillars – education, health, nutrition, community and protection, with the core focus on providing quality education. We understand that effective learning only takes place when several key factors, which may affect the learning process, are addressed. Our holistic, 5 pillar approach allows us to assist children, not only with their education, but also with other factors that will affect the child’s ability to learn, thereby ensuring that children are given the best chance at success.

In addition, we believe that a long-term intervention strategy will yield the best scholastic results. Our intervention into the child’s life starts before birth through our Baby Box programme, where pregnant mothers are supported throughout their pregnancy and the birth of their child.

Once the child reaches the age of 3 months, they join the Pebbles First Thousand Day (FTD) programme (3months – 3 years), at one of the Pebbles pre-school centres, where they are assisted academically through this very critical developmental period. From here children move on to the Pebbles Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme (3-5 years) where they are prepared to enter the formal schooling system. Once children start their formal schooling, they will join the Pebbles After-School Club (ASC) programme where they benefit from additional educational assistance and other extramural programmes until they complete their formal schooling.

Our school leaver programme (15-24 years) helps learners make the transition from school to work or to tertiary education. Children who form part of the Pebbles Project programmes therefore receive educational support from birth until they enter the world of work, which ensures that children are supported through every step and phase of their education.