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Pamoja Leo

Pamoja Leo is a children's rights advocacy charity focusing on Foster Care, Reunification and Prevention strengthen vulnerable families to stop them ever needing to send their children to institutions. We believe that in order for children to grow into the incredible people they can be, they need to be supported, listened to and provided opportunities to thrive.

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Registered charity no. 1162710

Member since July 2019

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The joy of a second Birthday.

The joy of a second Birthday.

The Twins Turn 2!

Many people believe that babies whose mothers die have no other choice but to live in an orphanage.

But what is the real problem?

No food and the loss of a nurturing caregiver!

In a society with strong family ties- Grandmas and Aunties if empowered can be the caregivers.

And formula is what a child is given in the orphanage- why not give that same support to the family?

The twins were our first babies supported in this project and we now have 7 babies who have been supported and a goal to be there for every baby in Tanga city that needs this help!

Our Database shows that many children come into Orphanage care due to maternal death as an infant and many stay for life. We can change that!

You can help be there for babies in need of a family!

Invest in families- Shine a light on the stories of children!

childrenbelonginfamilies #pamojaleo #shinealight

A family for every child

A family for every child

Helping children to stay with their family can look different for each child.

Sometimes it’s formula for a baby whose Mummy died so she can live with her Grandma

Sometimes it’s helping a widow set up a business and get her children out of the orphanage and back home.

Sometimes it’s offering free daycare to an Aunt so she can continue to work and care for her niece after Mum was placed in a hospital because of mental illness

And sometimes it’s supporting wonderful foster families with basic needs items so they can open their home to an abandoned baby.

We fix the root of the problem so children survive and thrive in families.

Poverty should never be a reason for a child to loose their loving Mum.