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Ocean Generation (Formerly Plastic Oceans UK)

Ocean Generation combines Plastic Ocean's decade-long experience of science and storytelling with the fresh vision of youth collective Ocean Generation Foundation. Together we have a unique opportunity to grow an inclusive global movement to tackle ocean threats. We see a world free from human threats to the ocean within a generation. Our ultimate goal is to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Will you join us in that mission?



Registered charity no. 1139843

Member since March 2019

Latest News

Our Latest Plastic Facts and Myth-Busting

Our Latest Plastic Facts and Myth-Busting

Want to be updated on the latest plastic facts? We are excited to share our updated blogs which bust those plastic myths (like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) and provide some thought-provoking facts. Have a read!

Top 10 Facts On Plastic  https://www.oceangeneration.org/blog/top-facts-on-plastic-pollution

Top Facts On Plastic - an interactive Turtl Guide


Busting Those Plastic Pollution Myths https://www.oceangeneration.org/blog/plastic-pollution-myths

The sun is (finally) out! Are you willing to join our picnic without plastic challenge?

The sun is (finally) out! Are you willing to join our picnic without plastic challenge?

We all saw the condition our green spaces were left in after the spring weather made its debut. The news was covered in footage of our parks being destroyed with plastic and other litter. In Scotland alone it is estimated that 300 million plastic straws, 276 million pieces of plastic cutlery, 50 million plastic plates and 66 million polystyrene food containers every year. Add the billions of plastic packaging our pre-made sandwiches, snacks and treats come wrapped in and we’ve got ourselves a plastic waste tsunami.

Let's be conscious for summer! Deep dive into our blog to learn about creative ways to implement a #picnicwithoutplastic.


Why stop there! Have a look at this blog to get a few simple ideas of what you can reuse and repurpose in order to reduce your plastic footprint and stop plastic polluting our Ocean:


Looking to organise a litter pick? We have five steps which will help!

Looking  to organise a litter pick? We have five steps which will help!

Trillions of pieces of man-made plastic have been polluting our Ocean, affecting every marine habitat, harming over 700 wildlife species, and entering our food chain. A lot of these plastics make their way to the ocean by escaping into outdoor spaces where they can easily enter drains, rivers or waterways directly linked to the sea.

Tackling the plastic pollution problem in our ocean involves developing a more intelligent relationship with plastic as a society. The most crucial approach is pollution prevention – starting with reducing our reliance on unnecessary plastics and improving our plastic use and disposal practices. While plastic litter clean-ups can be seen as mitigation rather than root cause prevention, they do provide a last-resort opportunity to prevent plastic from entering the ocean!

So, how can you organise a litter pick? Dive into our blog: https://www.oceangeneration.org/blog/5-steps-to-organise-your-own-litter-pick