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Oasis Community Housing

Oasis Community Housing is a Christian homelessness charity working in Gateshead, Sunderland, Croydon and Southwark. Our mission is to create access to housing and provide supportive relationships which eradicate homelessness; enabling everyone to belong to their community.


Registered charity no. 1107554

Member since April 2018

About us

Oasis Community Housing is a charity with its roots in Gateshead, where we were founded in 1984. Over the years we have expanded and now deliver services in Gateshead, Sunderland, Peckham and Croydon. Our main business is providing housing and support to people facing homelessness, but as we put a roof over people’s heads and as we support them to overcome the barriers they face in life, we are actually seeking to do something much more fundamental, to provide a place where people can belong. A place where they can find community and relationship; a place that is safe and secure and a place where people can build a new future. We are an organisation that offers hope to those who are the most excluded, and we have the privilege of walking with over 2000 individuals on their journeys out of homelessness each year. Our approach focusses on addressing both the immediate needs and root causes of homelessness by providing four cornerstones of support: Home – 24hr supported accommodation for young men and women facing homelessness, Basis – emergency beds and crisis services for those sleeping rough, Aspire – employment support and financial skills training, and Empower – support for people who have experienced domestic abuse.