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Neuroblastoma UK

Neuroblastoma UK is a national charity dedicated to finding a cure for neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. We do this by funding leading research projects to help find new, more affective and kinder treatments for this aggressive cancer.


Registered charity no. 326385

Member since February 2021

About us

Every week in the UK, around two families are told the devastating news that their child has neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that mainly affects babies and children under the age of five. Because it occurs in such young children, the symptoms are sometimes difficult to spot and a diagnosis may not be made until the cancer has spread (stage 4 neuroblastoma). Current treatment regimes include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. These treatments are aggressive and can cause other health problems due to the damage caused to surrounding healthy tissue. Survival rates for children with stage 4 neuroblastoma are around 50-60%.

We fund leading research to develop new, more effective and kinder treatments for children with neuroblastoma. But research into childhood cancer is at real risk. We need your help, now more than ever, to fund vital research and save more young lives.

£20 could buy a pack of microscope slides, enabling scientists to examine neuroblastoma cells in minute detail.

£50 could pay for equipment to help researchers grow neuroblastoma cells and study possible treatment of the disease

£100 could help pay for a DNA extraction kit, enabling researchers to develop personalised treatment for children with neuroblastoma.