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Music in Hospitals & Care

The purpose of Music in Hospitals & Care is to create joy through the therapeutic benefits of live music. Established in 1948, the charity employs professional musicians to perform in healthcare settings across the UK, including in Residential Homes, Special Schools, Hospitals, Hospices and Day Centres. Our concerts improve the quality of life for elderly, unwell and disabled people.


Registered charity no. 1051659

Member since January 2018

About us

We are proud to bring the pleasure and therapeutic benefits of music into healthcare establishments and special schools. Throughout Wales, MIHC organise nearly 550 live concerts each year, and nearly 4000 throughout the UK. Each concert is performed to 30 people on average, including Staff, Carers and Family Members, and over the course of a year, we reach approximately 120,000 vulnerable adults and children across the Healthcare spectrum.

During the concert, our audiences will have the opportunity to engage with the musicians through singing and dancing, as well as make requests for favourite songs. Our musicians are happy to perform in communal or private areas to ensure no one is excluded from participating. In fact, research has shown that music is one of the most inclusive activities available to people living with dementia, as it helps stimulate memory, encourages social communication and allows family members to bond over special moments of connection and reminiscence. In environments where people with dementia can often feel lonely and isolated, live music can be a crucial way of improving their welfare, and provides a welcome distraction from the routine of long-term care.

MIHC employs a team of over 50 professional musicians in Wales, all of whom are highly experienced to deliver sensitive and engaging performances. Most of our artists are bilingual in Welsh and English, and all are hand-selected through an auditioning process for their professionalism, sensitivity and interpersonal skills. Each concert will last for one hour and include bespoke repertoire to maximise memory stimulation.

We encourage our Musicians to perform a variety of music styles to suit the individual needs of the venue. This can be anything from Jazz to Opera to Folk, and the pieces are often chosen to evoke positive memories and emotions, including Welsh songs and hymns, that many members of the audience will have known as children.

After a recent concert, the Nursing Home Manager from Oakwood Nursing Home commented: "Singing, for dementia, is one of the finest recipes for success."