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Multiple Sclerosis Trust

No one should have to live with multiple sclerosis (MS) alone. We fund and train MS health professionals in areas of greatest need in the UK, and provide practical, evidence-based information support to people from first diagnosis and throughout their MS journey.


Registered charity no. 1088353

Member since November 2019

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All aboard for The MS Trust Conference 2021!

All aboard for The MS Trust Conference 2021!

There is no other event like the MS Trust conference! It's a fantastic event for MS health professionals to come together to learn, share expertise and focus on improving care for everyone affected by MS. Conference provides an opportunity for MS teams to update their knowledge on the latest developments in MS care and treatment and to network with other health professionals who share a special interest in MS. The MS Trust annual conference was postponed in November 2020 but we are keeping the original, fantastic programme and will be hosting the conference as a virtual event. This gives us an amazing opportunity to extend the invitation to even more health professionals as we are not limited by physical space. 

The conference runs Sunday, 28 February to Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Registration closes at 6pm on Wednesday, 24 February 2021.

...and breathe

...and breathe

Here at the MS Trust, we are trying something new.

For the last few weeks, we have been scheduling in 5 minutes each week to just breathe.

We stop whatever we are doing, join a video call, and follow a simple breathing exercise, lead by one of the team.

It is a recognition that times are tough, so it is important to protect our mental health. To play the long game, so we don't burn out.

Give it a try.

Exciting new plans: Wave 2 of Advanced MS Champions

Exciting new plans: Wave 2 of Advanced MS Champions

Around 40,000 in the UK have advanced MS – and they are being failed by the health service. People with advanced MS have ongoing, complex symptoms like nerve pain, muscle spasms, bladder and bower problems, and significant levels of disability that often confine them to a wheelchair or their bed.

The MS Trust recently piloted an ‘Advanced MS Champion’ role to provide specialist, timely intervention for people with advanced MS - improving quality of life and reducing costly emergency admissions to hospital. We placed Champions in six areas of the UK where they would have the most impact. The pilot proved that Advanced MS Champions improve quality of life for people with Advanced MS, avoid emergency hospital admissions, and save local health services money.

We need help to build on the success of the pilot and establish three new Advanced MS Champions in 2021 in areas where current provision is lacking, to stop people with advanced MS from suffering needlessly.

We would love to have the support of companies to make this launch a reality. More details to follow - but get in touch if it is something you would like to support.