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Mentor Link

Mentor Link's aim is to help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people achieve positive changes in their lives and remain engaged with their families, learning and community. We do this by providing them with a volunteer mentor. Our vision is a world where young people feel valued and supported during difficult times and achieve a successful transition to adulthood.


Registered charity no. 1169026

Member since July 2019

About us

Mentor Link is a charity that provides dedicated, long-term one-to-one social and emotional support to distressed, disadvantaged and vulnerable young people across the West Midlands who are in real need.

Anyone undergoing personal difficulties may feel the need to talk to someone one-to-one, and children are no different. Mentor Link supports these young people by providing them with a volunteer mentor, within their schools or the local community. These are professionally and safely recruited trained adults who offer listening support and guidance through difficulties in the young person's life. These may include self-harm, anxiety, and low-level mental health issues; bullying; traumatic bereavement; low self-esteem; and family breakdown. In the short term, this support can mean engaging better in class and improving educational outcomes, and in the long-term, support from a positive adult role model to advise and support them in their development improves their life chances, better equips them to engage fully in their education and community, and reduces the long-term cost to society.

The wellbeing of these young people forms the focus of our work.