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We are dedicated to bringing the power, escapism and the magic of cinema and film to patients, their families and carers in UK hospitals and places of care. We build, manage and operate state-of-the-art cinemas, bringing the latest movie blockbusters completely free of charge to those receiving and supporting treatment.


Registered charity no. 1058197

Member since February 2018

About us

Hospital is the last place anyone wants to be, but every year millions of the sickest adults and children are admitted to hospitals and other places of care throughout the UK. While the care they receive is essential, being in hospital is difficult for patients and their families, and a long stay can take its toll.

But we believe in the power of the shared cinema experience – a good film makes everyone feel better.

MediCinema gives patients and their families a break from the ward and all the difficulties of being in hospital through the transformative power of cinema. We do this by building, installing and running cinemas in places of care, and began breaking new ground when we opened our first hospital cinema in 1999. To date we have seven MediCinemas specially designed to give a fully immersive cinema experience while catering for the needs of all patients, even those unable to leave their beds.