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Medic to Medic

The aim of the Medic to Medic is to guarantee the tuition fees for healthcare students who have academic potential, but are in financial need. With this consistency of income, students are able to focus on their studies until graduation.



Registered charity no. 1149904

Member since June 2021

Latest News

Thank you for your Glasses!

Thank you for your Glasses!

To our #Amersham & #Salisbury recycling teams a BIG

🤓 * T H A N K Y O U F O R Y O U R G L A S S E S * 🤓

Over a 2 week period, we collected over 1000 pairs of spectacles which are being sent in our next shipment to Malawi. The collection has now closed, but we may be running this again when organising future shipments.

Read more about #eyecare in #Malawi.

Optometrists can help reverse poverty by identifying refractive errors and managing treatable eye diseases. Their work ensures more adults can go to work and children can attend school as well as increasing the quality of life of many people with refractive errors.

Prior to the optometry programme at #Mzuzu University, much of Malawi’s eyecare was provided by visiting optometrists running screening programmes to manage treatable cases. Unfortunately with no existing infrastructure many patients were lost to follow up and eyecare could only be managed in the short term. Training Malawian optometrists is crucial to be able to provide lasting eyecare services in the country.

In 2015, Malawi had only 13 registered optometrists for a country of 19 million people. There is not a lack of desire to train in optometry, but unfortunately many students lack the financial support required with tuition fees placing a large burden on family resources. #MedictoMedic has existing systems and strong relationships with the #Optometry faculty to identify and expand our scholarships to at risk students.

In June 2021 we received the news that our first student (Kondwani Piasi) in the optometry field successfully graduated in the Diploma of Optometry. He reported:

"Today I received some great news, that I passed the final exams. Am officially an Optometry technician, am so happy. I owe many thanks to Medic to Medic, I could never have done it without you so I pray that the great work at Medic to Medic expands to produce as many #graduates as possible."

We create lasting relationships with our beneficiaries with many of our graduates providing mentorship support to their student colleagues. The Optometry degree programme is 4 years after which time they undergo an internship to become registered with the Malawi Medical Council. We look forward to building our community in the future.

Do you know an opticians who may be able to support a student training in Optometry? It costs approximately £500 a year to support a student with tuition fees. Get in touch if you may be able to help info@medictomedic.org.uk

Equipment packs

Equipment packs

Today we met our #nursing students at #KamuzuUniversity of Health Sciences #Lilongwe campus (previously known as Kamuzu College of Nursing).

We were able to deliver nursing equipment packs and laptops to optimise student studies. These materials mean students are more likely to pass their exams and successfully qualify as health workers to work where they are needed most.

“What a relief. Sometimes joy makes you run out of the best words. That’s why I will just say thank you 🙏"

“I did not expect to get that today. Without the laptop assignments are so difficult, now things will be much improved.”

All these resources are bought in #Malawi meaning #MedictoMedic are able to contribute positively to existing businesses rather than purchasing from outside.

Your donations really do make such a difference!

Audiology in Malawi

Audiology in Malawi

Today we had the privilege of meeting Fletcher who runs the Audiology degree programme in #Malawi at the African Bible College in #Lilongwe. Fletcher is an inspirational person! He trained as an audiologist overseas and returned to Malawi to set up a degree programme to train #Audiologists in country.

The African Bible College is the only institution in Malawi to train audiologists. It is a 4 year degree programme with 10 students in each cohort. Approximately 30% of students struggle to pay their tuition fees due to poverty. Their first cohort of students graduated in June this year.

This year through a collaboration with #Otocare in North West London we have been able to provide a scholarship to one trainee audiologist and we are excited about increasing support here in the future.

Hearing problems are common in Malawi. Available figures suggest that over 15% of the adult population and 11.5% of the paediatric population are affected by hearing loss in Malawi. This compares to the WHO estimated global average of 6.1%. The most common causes of hearing loss are chronic suppurative otitis media, malaria and overdosing of ototoxic anti-malarials (such as quinine), meningitis and noise damage.

Hearing impairment has huge consequences for many, resulting in developmental delay, educational disadvantage and reduced employment opportunities. These all then further contribute to the cycle of poverty.

Through our collaboration we hope to be able to provide hearing aids, books, ottoscopes and other resources to support the training of audiologists in Malawi.

Can you help us support a trainee audiologist in Malawi or help provide resources? Get in touch today! info@medictomedic.org.uk