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Medic to Medic

The aim of the Medic to Medic is to guarantee the tuition fees for healthcare students who have academic potential, but are in financial need. With this consistency of income, students are able to focus on their studies until graduation.

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Registered charity no. 1149904

Member since June 2021

Latest News

Malawi Fundraising

Malawi Fundraising

We're working alongside our #Physiotherapy graduates in #Blantyre #Malawi to help us with fundraising in country where our projects are based.  The hope being, that our projects can become more sustainable in Malawi itself with less reliance on international funds.  Our international funds could then be used to start new projects in new countries in Africa, where medical education and scholarship support is vitally needed.

Every Sunday at the #MedictoMedic house in New Naperi, you will be able to book in a relaxation massage with one of our physio graduates. Male clients will see male physios and female clients will see female physios.

50% of monies from this will go directly to Medic to Medic. The remaining 50% will go to our physios for their time and skills.

Please call our office number to book an appointment.:

0887 355 593

0982 669 432

Using sustainably sourced oils from #Azimai in Zambia.

Please get in touch for further details.

Malawi Matters - Medic to Medic podcast

Malawi Matters - Medic to Medic podcast

We've launched a weekly #MedictoMedic podcast!

This week, we talked with Fletcher, head of the Audiology department at African Bible College in #Lilongwe. We hope you are able to feel his enthusiasm and passion for #audiology in #Malawi come through in our conversation.

Listen on Spotify:


We want to give a voice to students, graduates, health workers and university faculties in Malawi, so you can know how your support really makes a difference, to an individual, a college and a health system and can hear of the challenges faced by many first hand.

🩺 🩺 🩺 M E D I C A L E Q U I P M E N T 🩺 🩺 🩺

🩺 🩺 🩺  M E D I C A L  E Q U I P M E N T  🩺 🩺 🩺

Thanks to a grant from the William Howarth Charitable Trust during 2021, this January, with the help of a Dr Yakobe (one of our graduates) in #Mzuzu we were able to distribute 10 new medical equipment packs to our student community in the northern region of #Malawi.

We aim to give all our students medical equipment and medical textbooks appropriate for their training when they enter their clinical years (and when we have the funding to do so).

Medical equipment enables students to maximise their learning since they are able to perform a complete examination on their patients. This improves their clinical reasoning and clinical judgement increasing their academic success.

Medical equipment is expensive and many students are unable to afford their own. Students often rely on colleague’s, or alternatively borrow equipment from the university where demand often exceeds supply. There is not enough equipment for students to borrow, meaning that some students are left out.

The advantage of students having their own equipment means they do not have to rely on borrowed resources and can keep these them to use as health workers once qualified.

Medical equipment increases the likelihood of students passing exams and successfully graduating as health workers, increasing capacity for health services.

Here is Bridget with her equipment pack - training in Mzuzu to be a #nurse. Nurses are important!