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Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Education is the best tool to battle poverty, as an education charity working in Tanzania, we focus on the barriers that prevent young people from accessing the quality education they need.

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Registered charity no. 1119512

Member since October 2021

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Farming your way out of poverty

Farming your way out of poverty

As an education charity working in Tanzania we like to sit with the community and let them tell us what barriers they face in sending their children to school.  One of the barriers is, unsurprisingly, money. While the cost of school is free, they are asked to pay for school meals, contribute to maintenance, buy books, pens, uniforms, pay exam fees and so on. The further a child advances the more it costs.

As a parent it must be heart breaking to tell your son or daughter that they cannot carry on with their education as there is no money.

We work with the parents to improve their income and their income security through helping them to diversify their income and reduce their dependency on one or two crops.  The above picture of a tomato plantation demonstrates one avenue that we teach.

By working closely with each parent we can support their learnings so that they can afford to send their children to school.

By supporting our work, you can help us train more people, be it in farming or running a small business. Thank you

Work in progress at Sawe Primary School

Work in progress at Sawe Primary School

Working with the Sawe community is so uplifting. Despite the hardships people face on a daily basis, they are still contributing time, effort and materials to build the classrooms that their primary school desperately needs.

It is because they do this and because the feed the students a daily hot meal that we love supporting them. They are the change makers that have a vision of where they want to be. Our role is to support them.

By supporting our work you can help the Sawe Community and others reach their goal of giving their children a good education. They know, as we all do, that education is the greatest gift a person can give.  - Thank you