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Little Lives UK

Little Lives UK is proud to be a community- centred, London based children's charity. We are passionate about providing support and opportunities to children with disabilities and/or who are disadvantaged, to make a sustainable difference in their lives for a healthy and happy future.


Registered charity no. 1171884

Member since February 2021

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The Youth Mental Health Crisis; How Little Lives UK is Helping Children Who Are Struggling.

The Youth Mental Health Crisis; How Little Lives UK is Helping Children Who Are Struggling.

As children all across the UK continue to learn at home through lockdown, the uncertainty around their education will be causing stress to both themselves and their families. Unable to attend school or see their friends will undoubtedly be upsetting for many. That is why it is so important that young people have a voice and open up about their mental well-being during these times. Our ‘Someone To Talk To’ project will aim to do just that. We will fund free therapy sessions for students across a number of London schools who want to be listened to.

Why children’s mental health is more important than ever: Covid-19 is affecting all aspects of society at the moment. Schools are set to return on 8th March, and many children and families will be pleased to see them reopen. However, the long-term effects of schools being shut will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. If left unaddressed, the negative impacts on children’s mental health will worsen as they get older. In fact, 75% of lifetime mental health disorders have their first onset before the age of 18 and the effects of schools being closed is said to have increased mental health issues in young people by 35%. Children and young people may naturally be worried about their futures and their education as a result of Covid-19. It is so important that we act now, by providing them with a safe welcoming environment, where they can simply be heard.

What we aim to achieve: Fundamentally, we aim to guarantee that children receive the necessary support now, in order for them to live healthy, cheerful and accomplished lives. The one-on-one time that children can access, will ensure that they are heard, in a very safe environment, with no judgement. Children and young people often fail to express their true feelings and may choose not to discuss their future ambitions or concerns with their families. By offering this safe space, we want to encourage children to discuss their concerns or feelings with professionals who will listen.

The London Children’s Practice: We’re thrilled to be working on this project together with The London Children’s Practice. They are a multi-disciplinary service that places the child and their family at the centre of the therapy process to see them reach their potential. They provide a number of therapy services, working with children aged 4-16. They have previously worked with many children across London, often seeing significant positive change after these sessions, including better relationships with friends, and better behaviour in school.

We are looking for companies and partners who are as passionate about looking after one's mental health as we are and would love to work together to spread awareness and raising funds to support children. If you think this sounds like your business please email .

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