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Legs4Africa get people walking again. By recycling prosthetic legs that would otherwise end up in landfills and facilitating amputee led support groups they are getting thousands of people a year back on their feet.


Registered charity no. 1158697

Member since December 2019

About us

Legs4Africa are a Bristol based disability charity. They collect prosthetic legs from NHS hospitals, funeral homes and individuals across the UK - rescuing these amazing pieces of technology before they end up in the bin.

The legs are then dismantled by teams of retired gentlemen before being shipped to partner hospitals across Africa where the components are used to build or repair legs for people who otherwise may never walk again. Since 2014, they have sent enough legs to get over 7,000 amputees back on their feet.

Alongside this practical provision, Legs4Africa also set up support groups to assist people with their emotional rehabilitation.

Together, lets get Africa back on its feet, one leg at a time: