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Kingdom Way Trust

Through our winter night shelter, ongoing supported housing and employability projects, we seek to help men and women address barriers they face to a more stable lifestyle, and help them discover skills, attitudes and values that enable them to develop hope for a better future.


Registered charity no. 1139646

Member since March 2018

About us

Winter Night Shelter

Hosted by several churches in Eastbourne with volunteers participating from many others; providing 15 beds for homeless people in December, January and February, when the nights are at their coldest. We provide a friendly welcome and a safe place for all of our guests.

The Bridge

A house for 6 men, offers supported living for those who are seeking to start afresh. Residents are offered support which enables them to work through life issues and learn skills that will help them in the future.

Hope Woodwork

A project that seeks to help people into work. The aim is to help anyone over 18 who is unemployed receive the required confidence and skills to enter into paid employment.

Hope into Action houses

An award winning nationwide scheme that offers quality housing to vulnerable people. Providing more than just a roof over their head, KWT staff and volunteers from local churches seek to empower people to fulfil their potential and actively participate in society.