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Jangala provides internet access for projects addressing some of the world’s biggest sustainable development challenges. To date, in partnership with over 45 organisations worldwide, we have connected over 30,000 marginalised people to fast, secure, and reliable internet. People in under-resourced schools, clinics, and refugee camps worldwide use our systems to access health, education, and other vital services.


Registered charity no. 1183567

Member since March 2021

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Connecting women in emergency housing in the UK

Connecting women in emergency housing in the UK

In partnership with the Riverside Community Big Local, part of the Local Trust, we have connected our second emergency housing shelter, this time specifically for women and children in Thurrock.

The 10 bedroom accommodation consists of 3 flats, each with a communal kitchen and diner, and is a temporary home to 10 different young families and their children. We provided four Get Boxes to distribute connectivity through the entire property, using a single unlimited SIM card.

The Local Trust, who support and fund local projects across England, via Riverside Community Big Local are covering the ongoing data costs. In contrast to conventional top down, time-limited, project-led funding, the funding awarded to each Big Local area is provided on the basis that it can be spent over 10 years on the communities’ own chosen plans and priorities at their pace.

In this instance, the Riverside Community Big Local team decided that connecting people during the pandemic was one of their priorities. Through this partnership, we’re supporting women to access crucial social services, employment and training opportunities, as well as keep in touch with important people in their lives. The children at the accommodation will also be able to continue any studies online, stay connected to their loved ones, and safely enjoy entertainment.