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Jamie's Farm

Jamie's Farm exists to support disadvantaged young people, who are at risk of academic and social exclusion. Through a unique 'farming, family, therapy and legacy' programme we aim to re-engage your people and help them thrive through school years and beyond.


Registered charity no. 1129544

Member since November 2020

About us

Jamie's Farm addresses the root causes of young peoples' disengagement, helping to prevent their educational and social exclusion.

'You can't be aggressive to a sheep' said one young beneficiary

The aim of Jamie's Farm is to transform the lives of young people from challenging inner city backgrounds by providing a unique combination of 'farming, family and therapy' during week long visits to our farm. Young people benefit through improved relationships, motivation, behaviour and self-esteem and ultimately decreased exclusion rates from school.

Our young people may be young carers, looked after children, asylum seekers or suffering bereavement. Others have a range of learning needs, or may present and describe turbulent family backgrounds, drug abuse and criminal activity. Almost all have never visited the countryside. All these children find interaction with the school system difficult; Jamie's Farm supports their re-engagement with education.