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Our Vision: "Everyone Included through the right communication". Changing communities so people with understanding and speaking disabilities (a startling 1 in 5 of the UK population) are included - through training, music and occasionally cake. The Include Choir is at the core of our organization, but next to this we provide inclusive communication training, music and communication workshops and consultancy to organizations needing to be more inclusive.


Registered charity no. 1177785

Member since May 2019

About us

The Include Project’s vision is: ‘Everyone included through the right communication’

We make the world more welcoming for people with understanding and speaking difficulties by teaching better ways of including and involving those with specific communication needs. We achieve our objectives through community choir sessions (the Include Choir), performances, workshops and training and are developing digital resources. We also campaign to raise awareness of inclusive communication and people's rights within the Mental Capacity Act. Include is all about thinking outside the box: music, games, cake and laughter are our tools to bring inclusive communication to life and to take us one step closer to an inclusive world. To include someone is to unlock their potential and maximise what they can achieve.

As a relatively young registered charity, we are building on our foundations to respond to a huge demand for our services. We aim to develop and solidify our work over the next 3 years, becoming more financially sustainable and widening our community which is currently based in Redhill, Surrey.