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Hope and Homes for Children

Families. Not orphanages. Orphanages do not protect children. They harm them. We are working towards a day when every child can grow up in a loving family.

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Registered charity no. 1089490

Member since July 2016

About us

Orphanages do not protect children. They harm them. Around the world, over 8 million children are confined to orphanages because of poverty, discrimination or disability. 8 out of 10 children growing up in damaging, loveless orphanages actually have living family. We believe for every child, a family-based solution should always possible.

“From the age of 5, I spent my childhood in an orphanage. It was a trauma I barely survived” –Orphanage survivor

No child should ever be too sick to be cared for at home; no family so poor that their children should be removed or given up to an orphanage. An orphanage is the last place that can provide the first thing every child needs to grow up happy and healthy: love.

Hope and Homes for Children are leading a global movement to end orphanages for good. We keep families together, reunite families, build new families and drive global reform.

Working together, we could change the world for good. With your support, we could keep more families together, reunite separated families, build new families and amplify the voices of children who would otherwise be forgotten, ensuring those most vulnerable are protected.

Despite the scale of the problem Hope and Homes for Children are tackling, it is solvable at a global level – in our lifetime.

However, we cannot achieve this alone. Only with the support of businesses, and caring people like you are we able to build our own capacity to support families, deliver scalable reform, spread awareness and secure commitment to the global elimination of orphanages with innovative solutions.

Please help us rethink society and keep children safe at home with family – where they belong.

Always family. Never orphanages.