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Hillingdon Hospitals Charity

We are the charity for Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospitals in West London caring for over 500,000 patients annually. Our key priorities are toward improving patient experience, improving hospital environs, staff well being and encouraging technological innovation.

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Registered charity no. 1056493

Member since June 2021

Latest News

Can you help us build our first ever maternity bereavement suite?

Can you help us build our first ever maternity bereavement suite?

“The quality of care that bereaved families receive when their baby dies can have long-lasting effects. Good care cannot remove parent’s pain and grief but it can help parents through this devastating time. Poor care can and does make things much worse” - SANDS – stillbirth and neonatal death charity

Most women go into pregnancy expecting healthy babies. Sadly many couples lose their baby and this can occur at any point in the pregnancy journey or during delivery.  The impact is devastating and even more so when the grieving parents have no private space away from the delivery ward to start to come to terms with their loss…while others within ear shot are celebrating their healthy new arrivals.

At Hillingdon our maternity care is recognised by those who audit healthcare in hospitals as being of a high standard but our midwives want to do more.  They want to make a calm, ambient space for families who have just lost their child to be with each other away from the busy-ness of the rest of the hospital while they try to pick themselves up off the floor to return home and carry on with life as they were not expecting it to be.  We don't have that space right now but with your help we soon will have.

The charity is working together with the hospital to build this space.  Each is providing some of the funds but because our job is to help take some of the burden off the NHS we are fundraising to help get the job done. The good news is we are almost there. Out of a total cost of over £400,000 we still need just £40,000 to get us over the line to make this happen. People in the borough have been so amazing in helping us raise funds so far.

Could this be something you and your business can help us with?   Work for Good exists to make it easy for businesses like yours to support us, especially when it comes to all the legalities of partnering with a charity. In turn, you can legally inform your customers that you are supporting the hospital charity, reflecting your desire to support good causes. - something far more important to consumers now than it used to be.

To donate to us via Work for Good is easy and it will not drain your time or ours.  Just read our 'About Us' on the right to see how easy it is.   We will see in real time how you are helping us so we can publicly thank you. You can  promote to your customers that you are helping to raise funds for us safe in the knowledge that all the legalities are covered.  That's why we are a part of Work for Good.

Our  contact details are all on this page and we will of course be more than happy to talk to you if you have any questions.

A New Hospital for Hillingdon!

A New Hospital for Hillingdon!

We are delighted to announce that a new hospital is planned for the London Borough of Hillingdon based in Uxbridge!  Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art hospital for the residents of Hillingdon, and beyond, which supports the very best in delivery of healthcare. The new hospital will be a digitally enhanced building which is sustainable and fit for the future. It will provide the same range of services that we have now, but with improvements made possible by modern, purpose-built facilities.  This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the local communities and local businesses to help us shape what the new hospital will be, what it will feel and look like.    We are now in the process of listening to the communities who will be served by the hospital once it is built, including the businesses whose employees live and work in the borough.   If you are interested in joining one of our online webinars for businesses, please email me luke.penwald@nhs.net .



Hello!   I'm Luke Penwald, Corporate Partnerships Manager at the Hillingdon Hospitals Charity since 2019.   My role is to work alongside businesses large or small to let them know about the great work going on at our two hospitals, Hillingdon and Mount Vernon,  in northwest London.   We have some VERY exciting news and an exciting future ahead.  It is  not every day that you get told that the Government is going to build you a brand new hospital but we will be one of the first 8 to be built as part of the New Hospitals Programme.   This is an amazing opportunity for our local communities and businesses to help us shape what this new hospital will be, feel and look like for future generations.  We can't wait to tell you more about it very soon!   My email and contact details are at the top of our page - please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like to know how you can get involved.