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Helping The Burmese Delta

Helping The Burmese Delta (HTBD) is a small, highly focused charity working in remote areas of the delta of the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar. We work in Education, Health, and Livelihoods, in districts without roads, electricity, healthcare, or clean water. We have built 34 primary schools, and run a highly subsidised social High School.


Registered charity no. 1124774

Member since November 2017

Latest News

Our High School students reach for the sky!

Our High School students reach for the sky!

Our High School in Yay Kyaw Toe village is one of the most successful rural schools in Myanmar.  Despite a catchment area of very poor villages, and a non-selective admission policy, we have in every year since the launch in 2013, beaten both the national and regional average results. We're so very proud of them.

Over the past months we have refurbished and extended the school, and improved the facilities and teaching staff.  In addition to teaching the state curriculum, we want to give the children the IT and English language skills that they will need to build their careers.

When we opened the school, we had no idea how many students would attend, but its success has grown demand, and this year we will have 83 students in the graduation year, including 53 girls!