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Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos is forging innovative conservation, community and education initiatives to ensure the long-term survival of the rhino and other endangered wildlife in their natural habitat and through multi-faceted strategies to ultimately secure the creation of Rhino Strongholds. We work closely with and advocate on behalf of reserves in Kenya and South Africa. We Protect - Sustain - Inspire.

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Registered charity no. 1175762

Member since October 2021

About us

Helping Rhinos is an international NGO headquartered in the UK with registered branches in the USA and Netherlands. The charity has a decade of experience protecting rhino in their natural habitat, raising over £1,000,000 to fund its projects in the field.

Since its inception, Helping Rhinos has gained international credibility for its work around the world and in the field, where it has provided significant fiscal sponsorship of key rhino populations across Africa.

We love rhinos! Our aim is to help the species survive at sustainable levels in their natural habitat. Rhino have been on the planet for 50 million years, and have evolved into their current form throughout that time as the environment and their habitat has changed. They now face their biggest challenge as man restricts their natural habitat and kills them for their horn. They are perhaps symbolic of a struggle between man and the natural world. We aim to help the species survive for future generations, this means that we favour projects that support the development of sustainable populations.

The statistics are staggering. Among them we read that the rhino has been POACHED to the brink of EXTINCTION with 8,887 LOST in the last 12 years.
The black rhino is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED with 95% of the population lost in the last 70 years. Just 268 BLACK RHINO remain in Kruger National Park.
Kruger National Park's WHITE RHINO population has DECLINED by 70% in the last decade. South Africa's population growth forecast to rise by 20 MILLION by 2075, putting unprecedented pressure on WILD SPACES and the wildlife that rely on them to survive.
LIVELIHOODS are at risk as poaching, climate change and increasing deforestation all impact LOCAL ECONOMIES. It is CRITICAL that we ACT NOW to reverse these trends and create an environment that allows rhino populations to grow in their natural habitats.


We work with a small number of partners, predominantly in Africa, who meet some or all of the following criteria, they: • Preserve or develop new habitat for rhinos and other species • Protect rhinos from poaching • Provide information and education on the importance of the sustaining the rhino population to local communities and broader populations • Sustain the species via other sustainable and scalable projects

OUR SEVEN KEY FOCUS AREAS – Habitat – Community – Protection – Education – Research – Political Advocacy – Winning Resources In order to keep rhino safe in their natural habitat, we believe we must focus on these seven key areas to achieve our goals. The first six key areas are the critical day to day operational processes of keeping rhinos safe, working with local communities and ensuring we have a global strategy at the highest level of Government to combat the Illegal Wildlife Trade. Underpinning these six focus areas is the most critical – Winning Resourcing and Gaining Support ie FUNDING. Without funding in place, none of the previous six areas will be successful. At Helping Rhinos, our number one objective is to secure the funding required to ensure our projects in the field can continue to operate.

We choose our projects very carefully, and work with people on the ground we trust. We believe that our projects deliver tangible results in protecting the world's remaining rhino and start to see rhino populations once again start to increase.
Examples of how we are making a difference:-

Some key achievements

In the field • Anti-poaching operations to protect the largest population of black rhino in East and Central Africa. • Ground breaking scientific research giving hope of a future for the 'functionally extinct' northern white rhino. • Provision of a fully equipped mobile veterinary unit to provide timely treatment to injured rhino, other wildlife and domestic animals in the local communities in the Laikipia region of Kenya. Fencing of an area identified to expand the range of the critically endangered black rhino on Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. • The creation and subsequent expansion of the only dedicated rhino orphanage facility in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa - home to the second largest population of rhino in Africa. • The rehabilitation and release back to the wild of orphaned rhinos following the poaching of their mothers. • Operational support of the 'Eyes in the Sky' aerial surveillance programme, protecting a number of 'Indalo Reserves' in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Around the World • Annual major fundraising and engagement event attended by 600 supporters in person and hundreds more online. • International education outreach programme reaching several thousand students. • Social media following in excess of 125,000 followers.

How your funding could help £10 could help pay for essential medication for a rhino orphan

£50 could help towards the cost of training an anti poaching and tracking dog

£100 could contribute towards the costs of feed for a rhino orphan

£175 could help fund vets time for a collaring procedure

£250 will help fund a pilot and helicopter to locate a rhino as part of a collaring procedure

£975 will cover the total costs of seeking out, sedating and collaring one rhino to help protect them.

We welcome unrestricted gifts that will help us plan and help the charity to thrive but are always happy to talk to funders to give them more information about specific projects all helping us to create Rhino Strongholds, giving these precious and unique animals the freedom to safely roam in natural habitat.