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Healing Venezuela

To alleviate the health crisis in Venezuela in an impartial, by: providing supplies, including equipment, to health-related institutions; training on mental wellbeing techniques in schools and hospitals; sponsoring junior doctors.


Registered charity no. 1170709

Member since December 2020

About us

Venezuela is going through an unprecedented political, economical and humanitarian crisis. According to the United Nations, over 4 million- 13 per cent of Venezuela’s population - have fled the country amid shortages of food and medicine. There is widespread malnutrition, and diseases that had been eradicated, such as malaria and tuberculosis, have re-emerged. It is estimated that at least 7 million people in the country are in need of humanitarian assistance, with 87% of the population currently living under the poverty line. The outlook remains dire, the IMF sees the Venezuelan economy contracting 35% in 2020 due mainly to the fall in oil production and the newly imposed sanctions on the government which worsen the situation. The possibility of a political transition remains uncertain and with the COVID19 pandemic, things have only got worse. The crisis in numbers:

• 7 million people (and 1 in 3 children) are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. • More than 50% of qualified doctors have left the country • The maternal mortality rate has also increased by 65% of which 70% are teenagers • 30% of deaths because of COVID are health care professionals