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Head2Head Sensory Theatre

We provide immersive, multi-sensory shows and fun activities for the special needs' community.


Registered charity no. 1161873

Member since June 2020

About us

Formed in 2006 our charity is volunteer-led with a professional team of actors trained in Makaton signing and use of voice output communication aids. Because of the pandemic we have ceased touring but are reaching far more families with our virtual activities. These include zoom sessions with a character from a classic tale, multi-layered games that all can enjoy irrespective of stage of development, and videos with SSE interpreters to ensure that the deaf community is included in the fun. And everything remains interactive and sensory. How? Please look at our website to find out and please consider supporting us with a donation. "We've been feeling very left behind and alone. We are so grateful for an exciting accessible activity to look forward to, thanks to our favourite people at Head2Head!"