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Every year in the UK 17000 people loose their lives to bowel cancer but frustratingly, if detected at an early stage the survival rate is more than 90%. GUTS aims to improve bowel cancer survival; we provide a family colon cancer screening service and fund equipment, facilities and research to give better treatment choices and outcomes for bowel cancer patients.

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Putting patient care in the picture

Putting patient care in the picture

Early detection of bowel cancer is crucial to successful treatment. Endoscopy is the first line of referral for patients flagged as requiring investigation but unfortunately those vital weeks and days between referral and diagnosis are becoming longer because there is currently a shortage of doctors and nurses trained to undertake endoscopic examinations. Timely, efficient and proficient endoscopic examinations can make the difference between life and death – or between protracted and complex treatment with uncertain outcomes and a swift and simple surgical procedure that requires no follow-up therapy.

GUTS want to help tackle this growing problem and is raising £150,000 to ensure that the doctors and nurses of the future – and those working currently – have the opportunity to receive the very best training available in endoscopic and laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) techniques using advanced audio-visual training equipment.

The technology will be linking tele-training rooms at MATTU Guildford* (Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit) with operating theatres at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and the endoscopy suite also situated in the hospital. Trainees will be immersed in surgical and endoscopic techniques via a live televisual link with ultra high-definition, 3D imagery and audio that will allow trainees to hear and interact with surgeons and other clinicians as they carry out procedures, so learning and benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of the very best practitioners in real-time. This will be a surgical training unit of unparalleled quality in the south of England that will help to prepare the next generation of surgeons, gastroenterologists, endoscopists and nurses.

We need your support to make this important project a reality - with your help we can ensure that surgeons and nurses  are trained to deliver the highest quality of care to patients.