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Greater Change

Greater Change is an innovative homelessness charity that uses tech to connect public generosity with the personalised funding goals of people who are homeless. We empower the homeless to take control of their future and offer transparency to donors so that they know their help makes a lasting and meaningful difference.


Registered charity no. 1188164

Member since March 2020

About us

Homelessness affects more than 300,000 people in the UK. At Greater Change, we acknowledge the multiple and complex factors which can result in homelessness. We aim to provide financial support to those who are homeless due to long-term structural failings. We work with everyone who is homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. We have supported 87.5% of our clients into stable housing and we have a 100% eviction avoidance rate.

Our core values are empowerment, collaboration, creating personal connections and transparency. We collaborate with partner charities and support workers who refer people who will benefit from our platform. We empower then people who are homeless to set their own long-term funding goal with the help of their support worker, creating a personalised savings goal. Greater Change connects the personalised funding goal with public generosity through our tech-based platform, making sure that people know who they are giving to, so they feel a personal connection. The donations are tracked and are guaranteed to be used on the stated goal, so donors that their donations are making a real difference.