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Glasgow Care Foundation

Glasgow Care Foundation was established in 1874, before the NHS and the Welfare State were established, with the purpose of supporting the poorest people of Glasgow. Fast forward to now and our ambition is still the same! To alleviate poverty. We provide basic household items to vulnerable adults and families across Glasgow who otherwise would go without.


Registered charity no. SC000906

Member since July 2017

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Happy Easter, Thanks to First People Solutions!

Happy Easter, Thanks to First People Solutions!

The lovely people at First People Solutions donated a bunch of Easter eggs to give to some of the children we work with. They managed to collect a total of 79 eggs!! How amazing. We are extremely grateful, and appreciative of their kindness. Most of children take for granted receiving a chocolate egg on Easter, but for some families the pennies don't stretch that far. You have just made a huge bunch of kids a whole lot happier this Easter. Thank you!