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Forget Me Not Children's Hospice

Our vision is to deliver pioneering care through pregnancy, childhood and loss, whenever families need us, whatever their future holds... ensuring every penny raised and every minute gifted is focussed on the needs of the families we support.


Registered charity no. 1110457

Member since March 2021

About us

2021 will represent 10 years since work began on our Huddersfield based hospice, Russell House. Although the charity operated as a trust for many years before this, supporting children in their homes and out in the community, the building of Russell House meant that we could start to support children and families from across the region through this purpose built, specialist facility. Since then, we have supported over 750 children with life shortening conditions plus their families meaning that literally thousands of people have benefitted from the support of the charity and Russell House holds a special place in all their hearts as it became a home from home. In too many cases Russell House is the only place some families have time with their child. In just 4 years our perinatal team have supported 350 families face the loss of a baby. We can currently support only 15% of the children in our area who need us? We need to raise over £4 million a year just to stay still, let alone grow, and only 4% comes from the government. Thank you for your time and consideration.