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Food for Nought

Peterborough-based charity Food for Nought delivers surplus food from local farmers and supermarkets to food banks and community fridges. Our activities not only help tackle food poverty but also have a positive environmental impact by redirecting food from landfill.


Registered charity no. 1179699

Member since November 2020

About us

For the last two years, Cocoa Fowler has been a man on a mission – Helping to divert tonnes of potential food waste from landfill, to those in need in Peterborough, with his charity, Food For Nought. Cocoa is partially disabled himself, but his armed forces background has stood him in good stead, overcoming his own pain to help those less fortunate than himself. He started out with a battered old car and borrowed trailer, collecting surplus food from willing retailers and producers, before then delivering it to community food fridges and charities.