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Fibromyalgia Action UK

Our mission is to improve the lives of people with fibromyalgia by increasing awareness of the condition throughout the UK and elsewhere, and improve the awareness of, and access to treatments for fibromyalgia. We aim to achieve major change in the way fibromyalgia sufferers are diagnosed, treated and supported. We provide free support helplines, free information packs and a network of support groups across the UK.

www.fmauk.org Fundraise for us

0141 255 1570

Registered charity no. 1042582

Member since March 2021

Latest News

Day 1 - Play in May - Get Gaming and Earn Rewards 🎮

Day 1 - Play in May - Get Gaming and Earn Rewards 🎮

One of the main struggles of fibromyalgia is how unpredictable it can be. You might think you woke up with a lot of energy for the day ahead, but you can suddenly feel drained of all energy – as if someone just "pulled the plug." 🦋

Will you help us raise funds to support people affected by fibro? Join our team of gamers, raise funds and earn rewards. Create your fundraising page at https://sh.fmauk.org/PlayinMay 👈

Raise over £50 - win an FMA UK enamel badge.

Raise over £100 – earn an FMA UK reusable coffee cup.

Raise over £200 – earn a Play in May t-shirt.

Download your digital fundraising pack at https://sh.fmauk.org/PlayinMayPack.

Play in May - join our gaming campaign.

Play in May - join our gaming campaign.

It's only 2 weeks till the start of our 'Play in May' #gaming campaign. 🎮

Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia can leave someone feeling alone, doubting what they are experiencing, fighting stigma from those around them, and desperately seeking information and support.

👉 Join Team #FMAUK and raise funds to help support those affected by fibromyalgia. To get involved go to https://sh.fmauk.org/PlayinMayInfo. #PlayInMay 🦋

Let us know your views

Let us know your views

As part of preparing for international awareness day on May 12th, we are looking for feedback about a new Facebook group that we will launch.

If you could fill in this form and share it with others it would be appreciated.

👉 https://forms.office.com/r/x14agbJT1S