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Earth Restoration Service

The Earth Restoration Service aims to restore the environment through tree planting efforts, river restoration and wildflower meadow creation. We collaborate with schools, community groups, landowners, businesses and more to address the challenges of regenerating nature in the UK.


Registered charity no. 1118951

Member since November 2020

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Planting a Tree Nursery with pupils at Bledlow Ridge School in High Wycombe

Planting a Tree Nursery with pupils at Bledlow Ridge School in High Wycombe

While 2020 proved to become a very different year than anyone could have expected, we still managed to deliver 50 tree saplings to Bledlow Ridge School in High Wycombe in March for pupils to establish a tree nursery on their grounds.

Teacher, Marion Lyon, made this opportunity a focus for an after-school STEM club and kindly provided this feedback on their experience.

“When we heard that we had been successful and would be receiving saplings, I chose to use it as a focus for an after-school STEM club. We thought about the best location, measured up, drew plans learnt how to use tools safely and built raised beds in the weeks before. As the date of arrival was delayed, we were able to launch the tree nursery during British Science Week and got a grant for some measuring equipment that we can use to monitor the trees and weather over the years to come and use in other school science. We were also able to invite a couple of children, who struggle in school with academic work to help with the planting, which ties them into the success of the project. And with different groups of children in school since Easter, it has been easy to take small groups out to measure the saplings, record changes etc. Thank you for setting up this initiative”.

A great example of how our School Tree Nursery programme can be used for extra-curricular learning with children on different science topics, including ecology, climate change and the environment.