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Since 2015, when the Global Refugee Crisis reached Europe's shores, volunteers are providing almost the online lifeline for refugees. Grassroots volunteer groups are delivering front-line humanitarian services we would normally expect Governments and global humanitarian charities to be providing. Donate4Refugees has been at the heart of the inspiring UK volunteer effort since 2016, raising money to support our partners on the front-line of the crisis. We're all just everyday people, from all walks of like, who’ve stepped in and stepped up because we simply can't stand by and do nothing as this human crisis unfolds. History will judge all of us and we want to be able to look our grandchildren in the eye and say "we did everything we could". And so, in what’s been labelled the ‘greatest grassroots movement of our time’, together we're filling vast gaps in humanitarian aid, mental well-being and human rights provision for refugees. Donate4Refugees has provided grants and emergency funds to more than 50 grassroots groups in six countries to touch the lives of 10,000's people. Whilst we, and our partners, volunteer our time for free, the aid distributed, and operating costs of the services we run, costs money. All donations and support very gratefully received. Your £1 is spent - 57p humanitarian aid, 37p mental wellbeing, 3p human rights and 3p on charitable activities.


Registered charity no. 1168435

Member since November 2016

About us

Dignity, respect and humanity are at our heart. We're passionate that everyone has an equal right to live in peace, safety and dignity and so we work tirelessly with other like-minded volunteers to help victims of the Refugee Crisis access everyday needs and start building a future. We know we can't help everyone but believe everyone can help someone. The major charities have all-but gone and volunteers have stepped in to fill the humanitarian void. Our funding is critical to on-the-ground aid and, thanks to amazing support like yours, we've so far touched the lives of over 30,000 refugees. Together we are feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, warming those who are cold and protecting those who are most vulnerable. You can make a difference, even with just a small donation, because we're all stronger together and together we save and improve lives.