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CHUMS Charity

CHUMS Charity funds 3 children’s mental health & emotional wellbeing services and 2 family support services: Bereavement Trauma & Non-bereavement Trauma Service (sexual abuse, witness to domestic violence, any other trauma) Recreational therapeutic football and music programmes for those who can’t readily engage in 1:1 talking therapies Disability Friendship Scheme for 13-25 year olds Bedfordshire Suicide Bereavement Service Babyloss Service


Registered charity no. 1179048

Member since May 2019

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Support Your Local Children's Charity

Support Your Local Children's Charity

CHUMS urgently needs additional funds to continue its life-changing support for those traumatically bereaved, abused, self-harming, struggling with anxiety, low mood or those who have ASD.

Our referrals for COVID-19 related bereavements are sadly rising. This is such a traumatic time for everyone, especially those who have lost their loved ones to this horrible virus.

Please make a donation to support the work we fund

Text CHUMS amount to 70490 e.g. CHUMS 5 for £5, CHUMS 10 for £10 (or any other amount)

or visit