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Children's Helpers Worldwide

Children's Helpers Worldwide is a small, volunteer-run charity that supports organisations overseas that run health, education and social welfare programmes for disadvantaged children and youth in their local communities. Support for these programmes gives the children and young people a brighter future. We work in partnership with organisations in Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa.



Registered charity no. 1153847

Member since July 2020

About us

Our vision is a world where all children and young people can thrive, no matter their circumstances. We are a small, volunteer-run charity and we work directly in partnership with organisations around the world that are serving disadvantaged children and youth in their communities. The people running the local organisations work with the children every day and they are in the best position to understand the children's needs and the context in which they live. We assist with a variety of programmes, including health, educational and social welfare projects. During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world, we have been responding to emergency appeals from our partner organisations, especially those offering food and shelter. We are supporting new food distribution programmes that were set up in response to the rise in poverty caused by the lockdowns.

As an example, at one of the food distribution programmes we have been supporting in Cape Town, South Africa, food is prepared in big pots to be given to people in various communities around the city. It costs around £52 for the ingredients to prepare food that can feed 400 people, so just £13 will give a meal to 100 people and 13p will feed one person!

We have also been assisting organisations offering shelter to children in Argentina and Romania. The needs of the children have remained the same, whilst fundraising has become harder, due to social distancing rules and also because this is a time of uncertainty. A large donation of £250 would offer significant assistance towards the costs of these programmes for a month. Everything helps, and donations of any size would make a big impact.

Each country where we work (Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa) is at a different stage with its lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 cases. However, all over the world, the financial impact is being felt and this is making it challenging to continue to support children and youth in need. We are doing our best to respond and we are grateful to anyone who would like to join us in still giving disadvantaged children and young people a brighter future.