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Right now conservation is critical. Species are under threat and so is the rich biodiversity of our planet. We won’t stand back, we’ll lead the way, we’re better connected and more informed than ever before! Join our mission of preventing extinction!


Registered charity no. 306077

Member since April 2021

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Our Conservation Masterplan

Our Conservation Masterplan

Our conservation scientists are pleased to reveal our bold new vision to fight the world’s climate and conservation emergencies as we prepare to celebrate our 90th anniversary as a leading conservation charity.

Our new Conservation Masterplan which aims to make a significant contribution to tackling the global extinction crisis by 2031, draws on the our decades of experience working with wildlife, both at the here at the zoo and with our field partners in the wild and our expertise in science and conservation.

Our plan is committed to the recovery of endangered species, tackling the challenges faced by wildlife both in the UK and globally, and empowering communities to pursue pro-conservation behaviours.

The plan comes as scientists highlight a more urgent need than ever before for the restoration of nature in the run up to global summits on biodiversity and climate change later this year, while Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the intrinsic connection between how humans and the natural world intertwine.