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Changing Faces

We are the UK’s only charity providing free services for anyone with a visible difference – any kind of mark, scar or condition affecting appearance. Our services include counselling, a helpline, peer support, an online forum and self-help factsheets, and specialist skin camouflage consultations. We challenge discrimination, and campaign for a world that values and respects difference.


Registered charity no. 1011222

Member since July 2020

About us

“For years, I have had to force myself to go out my front door. I can start to feel that anxiety coming back - just the thought of going out made me think about who would see my scars, what would they think? I’m already back in the mindset where I was before where I think ‘What am I going to have to deal with today?” Tulsi, 40, a burns survivor 

You’re about to do something really incredible. Our partnership will help us fight for a future where people like Tulsi can live the lives they want.

One in five people live with a visible difference: a scar, mark or condition that makes them look different. They face significant disadvantage in all areas of their lives; from access to education and employment to getting the healthcare they need.

This has a devastating impact on their self-esteem and wellbeing: One in three feel depressed, sad or anxious because of how they look.

Changing Faces provides the UK’s only free counselling and wellbeing services for people with visible differences who need more help to cope.

Last year, we proudly supported over 16,000 people with disfigurements. They talk about the relief and dignity of finally being taken seriously and listened to, and the new confidence from having the skills to cope and thrive.

Right now our team are answering increasing calls and online questions from people with disfigurements across the country who are finding Coronavirus and lockdown challenging.

Help us be here for more people with visible differences during Covid-19:

£100 could pay the cost of one of our helpline advisors for a whole day. £50 could help us run a special online play-along session where children get to play and meet with others who have a visible difference. £32 could buy a specialist counselling session for a person with a visible difference.

As Tulsi explains: “It’s reassuring to know that the charity Changing Faces are there to support people living with a disfigurement during this pandemic. It means I am not alone in facing this.”