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Buttle UK

Buttle UK is a charity dedicated to helping children and young people who are in crisis reach their potential. We do this by providing small but targeted and effective interventions in the form of grants to support their education and wellbeing.

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0207 78287311

Registered charity no. 313007

Member since December 2018

About us

Buttle UK is a charity dedicated to helping children and young people who are in crisis reach their potential by providing small but targeted and effective interventions.

Whether Buttle UK gives a bed to a child who has become used to sleeping on the floor, counselling to a young boy who has fled an abusive home with his mother or a laptop to support a homeless teenager begin their first college course, their direct, efficient and intelligent grants are always focused on the needs of the individual.

Applications for funding are received through a unique network of around 4,000 organisations that are working directly with the young people and families (e.g. local authorities, housing associations and other charities). These organisations ensure we are getting the funds to those that need them most, and through them we can ensure appropriate due diligence on the spend of the funds themselves.

Buttle UK also funds around 150 children a year to attend boarding school, in both the independent and state sectors. We have provided this kind of support throughout our 65-year history to children that come from very disrupted and chaotic homes. For these children the opportunity to attend a boarding school brings the stability, security and aspiration that may be missing at home. In some cases it prevents children entering the care system. For many the opportunity is transformational.

The charity was established in 1953 following the death of Frank Buttle, an East End clergyman, who raised nearly £1m to help launch children out of poverty. Since then, the money has been re-invested and multiplied countless times and ways. As the charity has grown, so has its capacity to make positive change. As a result of his legacy Buttle UK is able to over its own administration costs, which means that 100% of any donation made can be go directly into grants, and therefore to the end beneficiary.

You can find out more about Buttle UK and its work by visiting www.buttleuk.org.