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Arkbound Foundation

The Arkbound Foundation is a charity that aims to widen access to literature and improve diversity within publishing. Our writing and social prescribing projects empower people from disadvantaged backgrounds and deprived communities. We support publications with important social and environmental themes. We mentor aspiring authors so that they can produce books that are widely read and which dispel negative stereotypes.


Registered charity no. 1173072

Member since October 2020

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Creative Writing Mentoring Programme

Creative Writing Mentoring Programme

Open to prisoners and those on probation. Free support, mentoring, editing, proofreading and publishing opportunity.

Recruiting now: Volunteer Mentors

Recruiting now: Volunteer Mentors

Recruiting now: Volunteer Mentors

📒We are currently looking for volunteer mentors, skilled in creative, academic and journalistic writing to provide 1-1 writing and editing support to our mentees.📒

If you think the role of mentor could be for you, join our bunch of friendly, likeminded volunteers looking to use their skills to make a real difference.

By becoming a mentor with Arkbound, you will not only install confidence and boost the self esteem of your mentee, but yourself as well!

As our mentoring content creator Beatrice says ‘mentoring is a mutually beneficial process’ and we couldn’t agree more…

Through gaining fresh perspectives and challenging old behaviour, you will:

☑️exercise seeing the world differently

☑️unlock your emotional intelligence

☑️get that #feelgoodfactor knowing you’ve helped someone step closer towards their dreams.

For more information on applying to become a mentor, please email

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National Writing Competition "Hope" - open to prisoners and those on probation

National Writing Competition "Hope" - open to prisoners and those on probation

For prisoners and those on probation: Send your submissions to or mail your entry to Arkbound Foundation, 4 Rogart Street, Glasgow G40 2AA - Please include your name, address and prison number on your submission.

For prison staff, community workers, probation officers, service providers: Please inform others of our writing competition and provide support, if possible.