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Aid Box Community

Support, Supplies and Sanctuary for Refugees and Asylum Seekers


Registered charity no. 1172697

Member since December 2020

About us

“The ABC family became our second family in the UK; they teach us to never give up and never to lose hope. They are the true light at the end of the tunnel.” — F, a refugee from Kurdistan

Aid Box Community provides support, supplies and sanctuary to Bristol’s most vulnerable and impoverished refugees and asylum seekers. Many of our service users live on just five pounds a day and can be extremely isolated. Our welcome Hub is a safe space where people can come to be part of our community, for a chat and a cuppa, or just to escape isolation and build friendships. We also have a Free Shop where we provide a choice of free, quality items donated by the public - from clothing, toiletries and toys, to electrical items.

ABC provides hope and love, and helps to make people’s lives a little bit more comfortable.