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Acts of Kindness Collective

We are a purpose driven organisation dedicated to empowering people through knowledge, health, and freedom.


Registered charity no. 1164796

Member since November 2018

About us

The AOKC was started as a grassroots movement in Nepal following the devastating earthquake which struck the country in 2015. Initially formed as a collective of on-the-ground individuals and overseas donors, to provide urgent relief aid and medical supplies to those most affected. This was spearheaded by Justin Cava-Jones who had been on his way to Mount Everest when the earthquake struck.

Over time, The AOKC developed into a charity focused on empowering local communities focused on education, health and child protection. In 2016 The AOKC merged with UK registered charity Orphangift, led by Måns Gårdfeldt, following a series of successful project collaborations in Nepal.

The AOKC previously focused on three core pillars, where children are at the heart of our efforts: Knowledge, Health, and Freedom. After many successful projects in these core areas the organisation felt that the biggest ongoing impact we could make would be to focus on building schools in impoverished and high risk areas.