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Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty is a small dynamic charity working across Sub-Saharan Africa to break the cycle of poverty by supporting vulnerable people to earn their own income. In partnership with local organisations, we transform lives by creating opportunities for people to gain skills and sustainable livelihoods, so they can build happier futures for themselves and their families.


Registered charity no. 290836

Member since February 2020

About us

Action on Poverty’s vision is a fair world free from poverty and discrimination where every person is empowered to fulfil their potential. We consider the best way of tackling poverty in the longer term is through a series of programmes aimed to bring about sustainable economic and social improvements to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged.

Our projects support the efforts of poor and vulnerable women and men to claim their rights and access a sustainable livelihood and as a result bring about real and lasting change. We prioritise transforming the lives of the hardest to reach, including women, people with disabilities, young people, the elderly, people affected by HIV/AIDS, conflict, fragility or climate change.

Here are some examples of how your support could help:

£33 could support one young person to take part in an apprenticeship with a local artisan, to develop skills for employment or to start their own enterprise;

£92 could enable 10 women in one community to take part in literacy training for one year, both for their personal empowerment and to support their business activities;

£170 could enable two women's groups to set up and manage village savings and loan schemes, so women can access small business loans to start up or expand their micro-enterprises;

£2,154 could provide one community based organisation in Sierra Leone with farming tools and equipment, as well as establishing a community-owned seed bank to support over 300 families to access improved, climate-resilient crop varieties.