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15 Square

15 Square gives foreskin health information and advice to intact men and provides information for men with circumcision issues. We teach about conservative techniques to help avoid unnecessary circumcision and help assist men who have been harmed. 15 Square promotes research, accurate health information, and informed consent, research into the effects of circumcision on sexual function and sexual response.

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Registered charity no. 1072831

Member since November 2020

About us

Over the years we have received messages from thousands of men, and it is clear that circumcision should be a last medical resort, especially as there are viable non-surgical solutions to the majority of foreskin conditions.

If you have been negatively affected by circumcision, you can check our circumcision advice section. Many doctors are still outdated on current best practice.

If you seek more information as a parent or intact man then you can check our intact section. This is where you will find information on common issues such as phimosis, a condition that is over-diagnosed and often treatable with non-invasive measures.

You can request our booklets of information Alternatives to circumcision and Clinical guidelines for the management of phimosis as well as a fact sheet on the management of a foreskin condition known as Lichen Sclerosus/BXO. By using our contact form on the website.

If you need specialised information or you would like to share your experiences with us then feel free to contact us.