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Yellow Balloon Change Management

Understanding People, Driving Performance


Member since December 2020


I believe that small things can bring about positive change, that what we do does not have to be big to bring out the best in others, so in 2015 I started Yellow Balloon and in so doing my aim is to help individuals and businesses realise their vision through coaching, workshops and mentoring. In the beginning my focus was on business but now more and more individuals need support and guidance. I have am not qualified in psychology but during 35 years of managing and leading people through corporate change and uncertainty I have seen how human behaviours are affected and how appropriate support can help.

With social and economic pressures increasing so are the pressures on our young people, the people of our future. Strong support, guidance and leadership now, when they need it most, will help them navigate the physical and emotional obstacles they may encounter.

This is why Yellow Balloon is supporting YoungMinds.